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Energy Infrastructure

Energy Spectrum is a middle-market private investment firm that has been investing in growth-oriented businesses across the energy infrastructure value chain for nearly 30 years. We have successfully raised eight funds with over $4.5 billion of equity capital commitments since 1995, most recently closing on our ~$1B eighth fund in 2020.  We are forward-looking investors focused on “throughput infrastructure”. Developed over multiple decades of investing, our approach entails identifying our areas of focus, partnering with talented management teams, and actively pursuing compelling opportunities capable of driving long-term value.



At Energy Spectrum, we understand energy is about more than just where it comes from – the backbone of the entire industry is comprised of assets that ensure energy is safely, reliably, and efficiently transformed and transported to those who need it. These energy assets and services are often unseen, yet they represent the heart of the global energy sector – and a large investable opportunity set.

Our name reflects our understanding of this diverse investment space, ranging from midstream transportation and logistics to low carbon initiatives. To this broad spectrum of energy infrastructure needs, we bring one of the deepest legacies in the business, our seasoned investment expertise, and our partnership mindset.


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