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Sulphur River Gathering

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March 2002


Dallas, TX

In October 1998, Energy Spectrum invested in Sulphur River Gathering (“SRG”), which was formed to own and operate natural gas gathering, treating and processing assets in East Texas. SRG tripled in size through a series of acquisitions in 1998 and 1999. In October 1998, SRG acquired certain plant and pipeline assets from Koch Midstream Services, Inc. In December 1998, SRG purchased a treating and processing plant from Shell/Tejas, which significantly increased long-lived dedicated volumes to the SRG system. In 1999, SRG made its largest acquisition, acquiring four treating and processing plants, compressor stations and associated pipe from Dynegy, which allowed it to consolidate its treating and processing into its state-of-the-art plants, thereby enhancing system efficiency. In 2001, SRG further expanded its system and increased dedicated volumes to its system by acquiring a treating and processing plant from an East Texas producer. In March 2002, SRG sold substantially all of its assets to Enbridge Energy Partners (NYSE: EEP).